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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is RDA?
RDA is a professional retail store design, merchandising and consulting organization with over a decade of experience helping independent retail stores become (and remain) financially successful. Based near Sacramento, California RDA was founded in 1990 by Jim Rasmus. Jim possesses over 30 years of retail store management, design and consulting experience. Since 1990 RDA and its professional design team have designed over 2000 retail stores throughout the United States.

What services does RDA offer to independent retailers?
RDA provides independent retailers with a broad range of professional store design, merchandising and consulting services. These include: Site selection; store remodel planning and consulting; store evaluations; space planning; fixture selection, purchase and leasing options; store logo design; merchandising training and consulting.

How can I benefit from working with RDA?
When you choose to work with RDA, you will be able to select from a wide range of services, each one designed to help store owners accomplish three critically important goals: (1) Increase your store sales; (2) Increase your store profits; and (3) Enhance the overall image of the your store. Our goal is to help you create an exciting shopping environment for every customer that walks into your store. Weíll help you create a ìWOW!î factor that will keep existing customers coming back and, even more importantly, bring new customers into your store. Instead of worrying about your competition, we will help you become the competition.

How much do your services cost?
Thatís a good question. We like to think (based on what other clients have told us) that our fees should not be viewed as an expense to your business, but rather as an investment. Whether you choose to remodel or have us complete a comprehensive store evaluation or we develop a new merchandising training program for you, every service is designed to help you increase sales and profits. Our design fees are based on a number of factors including: size of store, scope of remodel, timeframe for completion, budget, quantity and quality of fixtures desired, and desired look you want to achieve. Our services are customized to meet each clientís specific needs and budget.

What's the next step?
The next step would be to contact RDA to schedule their In-Store Review and Evaluation. One of RDA's professional staff will spend a full day at your store conducting a comprehensive evaluation of every aspect of your store operation. Beginning with a strategic planning meeting with the store owner, an RDA staff member will then review and evaluate the store exterior, store interior, product merchandising, staff and customer service. A wrap-up meeting with the store owner will follow the store evaluation. RDA will then prepare for you a comprehensive written analysis, including specific recommendations to improve the overall look and operation of the store. Easily affordable, the Store Review and Evaluation is your next step to take if you desire to develop a winning plan for unlocking the full potential of your retail store.

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