About Us

Jim Rasmus, President

Jim Rasmus
 University of Nevada, Las Vegas 
 Bachelor of Arts in Art/Design 
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  • Extensive retail management experience with Montgomery Wards department store including budgeting, store design, merchandising, employee management, planning and administratioon, and special projects.
  • Served as partner and Executive Vice President for Creative Retailing, Inc., in Irvine, CA.
  • Founded Retail Design Associates, Dublin, CA in 1988 to more effectively serve the needs of a wider variety of specialty retail stores.
  • Has designed over 2000 specialty retail stores throughout the United States.
  • Co-author of Winning in Retailing, originally published in 1984, and Winning in Power Sports Retailing, 2006.
  • Extensive experience as seminar/workshop leader.
  • Conducts numerous store design and merchandising training programs and workshops for retail trade show organizations and associations throughout the United States.