Consulting and Training Services

Retailer Education and Training Institute

The RDA Retailer Education and Training Institute can assist you in developing a quality training program for owners, managers and staff. Our course offerings are focused on two critically important learning tracks: Retail Store Management and Retail Store Design and Merchandising. Specific courses include:
Store Management: 
  • How to Develop, write and implement a winning business plan
  • Managing and Training Employees
  • Winning Sales Training (How to sell more products, to more customers, every day)
  • The Owner as Leader: How to Motivate and Manage with Purpose and Vision
  • Strategies for Financial Success: Financial Planning for the Independent Retailer
  • Time and Self-Management: Disciplines for Success
  • How to develop and implement a policies and procedures manual
  • Benefits, Rewards and Incentives: How to develop and maintain employee loyalty
  • Managing to Excellence and Profitability
  • Winning Customer Service: Bottom line to retail success
  • How to hire, train and retain quality employees
  • How to develop and conduct effective employee training programs
  • Small store survival in a mega store age
  • How to set up and manage a profitable F & I department
Store Design and Merchandising: 
  • How to merchandise your store like the pros
  • How to complete a store review and evaluation
  • How to plan, select and utilize the right store fixture
  • Customer traffic flow: How to increase impulse sales everyday
  • Design techniques that will increase sales and profits from day one
  • The sensory shopping experience: Merchandising techniques that attract and keep customers
  • The remodel timeline: How to manage your store design or remodel project
RDA can tailor any of our training programs to meet your specific training and education goals, or we can develop a program around a topic or subject you feel might be more appropriate for your store, your staff or your needs. Our presentations utilize visuals, handouts, and worksheets in order to maximize effective communication and learning, and to encourage participation on the part of those attending. Again, our goal is to make each workshop interesting, informative, practical, and most importantly, profitable. We want each person to be able to return to their store equipped, motivated and ready to convert the information learned into workable strategies that will result in increased sales, increased efficiency of operation, and above all, increased opportunities for continued success and profitability.

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