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In-Store Review and Evaluation

Increase Your Sales - Increase Your Profits - Enhance Your Store Image.

Those are the goals of RDA’s In-store Review and Evaluation. RDA will arrange a mutually convenient time to visit your store and complete a comprehensive Store Review and Analysis. Drawing from over twenty-five years of practical retail store management and professional design experience, RDA will bring to your store "a fresh set of eyes." Beginning with your store's exterior, we will review and analyze your entire facility observing all aspects of your store operation with one primary objective in mind: To help you develop a winning gameplan that will enable you to increase your sales and profits (in short, to map out a strategy to give you a better bottom-line). The Store Review and Analysis covers the following operational areas of your store:
 1. The exterior 
 2. The interior 
 3. Fixtures and fixture layout 
 4. Merchandising 
 5. Products/Inventory 
 6. Staff and employees 
 7. Traffic flow analysis 
 8. Signage 
   9. Store layout and analysis 
 10. Product color blocking 
 11. Visibility analysis 
 12. Merchandise display 
 13. End-cap analysis 
 14. Focal points 
 15. Accessory use 
 16. Customer Service 

Upon completion of the Store Review and Evaluation, you will receive a thorough, comprehensive written analysis of your store's operation that will include a summary of specific recommendations you can implement immediately to increase your sales and profits.

What others have said about the Store review and Analysis: 
  • "The best one-day investment I have ever made in my store..."
    (W.M., Manteca, CA)
  • "I was able to increase my sales 18% in the first month!"
    (G.D., Houma, LA)
  • "Learned valuable merchandising techniques that increased impulse sales immediately..."
    (B.K., Davis, CA)
  • "The completed analysis was detailed, specific, and on-target! Extremely helpful..."
    (J.K., Mesa, AZ)
The Store Review and Evaluation includes all of the following: 
  1. Pre-Store Review Confidential Fact-finding Meeting With Client
  2. Comprehensive In-Store Review and Analysis
  3. Closing Meeting With Client and Staff Following In-Store Review
  4. Comprehensive Written Analysis and Summary of Store Review
  5. Plan Recommendations and Implementation schedule
  6. Fixture Catalog
  7. Future Discounts on Selected Fixture and Equipment Ordered Through RDA
  8. Free copy of book: Winning In Retailing
  9. One year toll-free consultation service
  10. Special design and consulting pricing
For fee information please contact Jim Rasmus at 800-722-4922

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